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The Primary Election for 2010 is Tuesday, March 2nd, which is also Texas Independence Day. The election day was picked not for its historical relation but because it is the first Tuesday in March. This year that day just happens to fall on a significant day in Texas.

A number of years ago Texas political activists determined Texas was being short-changed in the selection process of the party's presidential nominee. So they busied themselves with creating a primary in March. Soon a whole lot of other states joined in with the idea and we became part of a "Super Tuesday" voting day.

Then a wayward bunch of states figured if you could move the primary up to March, why not move it up to February. This caused March and Texas to loose its "Super" designation and the presidential selection process changed again.

Texas attempted to alter its primary date to February but wasn't successful in making the change before the 2008 election. It still didn't matter much as the Democratic Presidential nominee was not picked that year until the convention.

This brings me to another topic. Selection of party nominee.

In our office we receive complaints about having to vote in only one party's primary. Many people feel they should be able to vote for races in both parties. In November that is just what you may do, vote for a candidate from either party.

The purpose of the primary though is for the party to select its nominees for the General Election. Just as you may select only one candidate for each office or position, in the primary you may select only one party.

I have a hard enough time trying to pick my candidates much less the party. My choice usually comes down to personal comfort or a lesser degree of mis-comfort. In some years the choice may be easier but it is seldom without giving thought to the process.

The most important issue is that we all vote. You might believe a candidate running for office will represent your views but if you don't help them at the ballot box, they may not even get a chance in the general election.

There are a few days left to decide. On March 2nd, go to the polls and vote. Not only is it your right, its also your responsibility.