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Last week was a busy week for the parties and this week begins several busy weeks for the Elections Office.

Party officials accepted applications for a place on the ballot through Monday, January 4th until 6 pm. Once all applications were filed it was time to review the applications and prepare a list of candidates for the primary election. Candidates for federal and state offices who filed with the state party had to be sent to the local party offices. These were combined with the local candidates. Besides the names on the ballot, the order of names had to be determined. Each party held a public meeting to draw for ballot order. Then the certification of the ballot is delivered to the Elections Office.

This week we are preparing the ballots for the election and sending our proofs to the parties for review and approval. Our first step was paper ballots for voters who vote by mail. We may begin mailing ballots as early as Saturday so there isn't much turnaround time for this facet of the election. At this time the only applications on file are those through the Federal Post Card Application process so we our first mailing will be to military and overseas voters. They will barely have enough time to get the ballot returned before the election.

Our next step is to prepare the electronic ballots and for those we have a bit more time. Electronic voting machines will not be used until February 16th, the first day of early voting in person. But we need to spend the next few days testing these thoroughly to be sure they properly record the vote for each candidate. After our in-house testing we will conduct a public test before early voting in person begins.

We will work hard over the next few weeks continuing the preparation for the primary elections.