Every election, beginning 60 days prior to the election, some voters may request a ballot be mailed directly to their home. This service is provided to a special group of voters who meet at least one of the following criteria.

  1. Be 65 years of age or older by Election Day
  2. Have a disability which prevents them from going to a polling place.
  3. Be confined in jail but not having been finally convicted of a felony offense.
  4. Be absent from the county during the period of early voting in person and Election Day.

If a person qualifies they must make a written request for a ballot to be mailed to their home or their current residence (if out of the county). A ballot can also be mailed to a temporary residence (currently residing with a relative or in a nursing home).

The first requirement is fairly simple to determine. When you register to vote you provide your date of birth as an identifying feature. We compare the date of birth against the date of the election and accept or reject the application for a ballot by mail based upon the comparison.

The second requirement is based upon the the voter's determination of their physical abilities. We don't want anyone to injury themselves if they are unable to enter a polling location.

The third requirement doesn't get much attention except for a person currently in jail with a mis-demeanor conviction or awaiting trail on a felony charge.

The last requirement of being absent from the county also means the application should come from outside the county and the ballot must be mailed out of the county.

If you believe you qualify, contact the Elections Office at 576-0124. You may also check our website to print an application for a mail ballot at www.vctx.org/elections