The Primary Election for 2010 is over and is already starting its journey toward the record books. Putting together many of the reports to be included in the official record is a responsibility of the Elections Office and election workers.

At the end of the day each of the precinct judges gathers the forms used on Election Day and certifies their authenticity. They are required to deliver the records that same evening after the polls close to the Elections Office. Results from each precinct are tabulated into a final, unofficial total votes for each of the candidates or measures.

The day after the election we begin the process of verifying the reports from each of the precincts. The review determines the reported information on election night coincides with the records returned. Poll lists and signature rosters are reviewed. From the List of Registered Voters we enter those who voted into the voter registration database checking for registration status and participation in only one party primary.

We will wait until next Monday to receive any ballot mailed overseas before preparing the final tabulation of the election. The opportunity for those who serve in our military to cast their vote from they current duty station is extended past election day. This is just in case the mails are a little slow.

After our review we will certify the results of the election to the parties and they will conduct a local canvass of the election. The canvass is the official review of the work performed and sets the official total number of votes for each candidate.