Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Paperwork is part of the job too


The election held on May 8th by the city and water districts has a little more life, there is still the paperwork to be assembled and the reports to be completed before it will all be behind us. Election records are stored from every election for a period of 22 months. All of the filings, notices, forms and reports from the various polling places must be kept in case anyone has a question about the election or the process. We have had several elections over the past few months and the boxes seem to be growing.

Some of the records, like the ballots voted by mail, are sealed and will remain sealed during the storage period. Other records, like the list of registered voters and poll lists are simply boxed or stored on a shelf until the end the period required.

The City of Victoria canvassed their election on Tuesday evening. The process of canvassing is the approval of the total number of votes cast for each of the candidates by the governing body of the political subdivision holding the election and then declaring a winner. The canvass preparation does not count the votes, it simply reviews all reports from the election and checks the accuracy of the numbers reported.

Our next election is five months away but we will be working on the clean up from this one for another few weeks. We are also working on the clean up from the elections in March and April as well because this election came on us so quickly not everything has found its proper place. Some of it is still piled in my office awaiting storage.

The November election is the state and county's general election. There will also be some other political subdivisions on the ballot and with their addition some complexity is created. So planning for November begins now.