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Our office has just completed five months in which we held eight elections on three joint election days. Each political subdivision participating in these elections hoped for a large turnout of the electorate.

The primary on March 2nd ended up with only 8.6% Democratic and 15% Republican turnout. Combined this is about one fourth of the registered voters in Victoria County. The runoff was even lower with only 0.9% of the Democrats and 3% of the Republicans for a total of just under 4%.

In May the City of Victoria obtained 9.6% turnout in a city-wide election. Water Control & Improvement District No. 1 was able to find 5.8% of its voters willing to make the trek to the polls and Quail Creek MUD cajoled 6.9% to vote. Our winner though is Water Control & Improvement District No. 2 who was able to find 17% of the registered voters interested in local government.

Still if only one in four people are participating in the democratic process it makes we wonder why 75% of the people on the voter registration rolls chose not to vote.

I will make some allowances for people's moving around the community. I am told at least 1 in 10 families will make a move during the next year. Some will move out of town, some will move in. Some will move to another location within the county. Yet moving in itself doesn't account for the low turnouts.

There are too many people complaining. Blogs and letters to the editors fill a portion of the web site and paper. E-mails flash about the internet containing the latest piece of mis-information. Some of the most offensive complaints are the malicious comments on local stories or during the election season about candidates.

When a real opportunity to participate in the election process is available, people don't show up. I am confused by the disconnect between the level of complaining and the lack of voting. I might assume that if 75% of those eligible to vote don't vote, they must be satisfied with the status quo and a 75% support rate is pretty good.

So tell me why you didn't vote. Post it as a comment or e-mail me. I'd like to hear your reason. The only restriction I'll ask is that you be a registered voter in Victoria County and you didn't vote in any of the elections held this year.