• I’m wondering if we could move straight to electronic ballots using cell phones.

    Of course some prepaid cell phones would not qualify, but why not those that have a permanent mailing address in the area?

    Consider this, a “voter card app”; that only those who receive a cell phone bill in the area are allowed to use, during elections. I’m not sure, but their might be an app that allows for a picture or scan of a persons finger print, that could be used to verify within one minute of use, that the person submitting the electronic voter card is the actually person legally entitled to vote.

    I’m just saying, less paper, less government, actually a more secure system.

    You could even go further, and allow for their communication to be triangulated, the way 911 does cell phones, to ensure the vote is being cast in the district.

    There it is, a way to ensure residence in the district, a way to ensure that persons casting ballots are who they say they are, and a way to ensure the vote is occurring in the district.

    I don’t know, maybe the laws are so 1900’s, that this is not possible, I guess we could just continue living in the past; but then we would be history, hmm?

    I’m actually trying to stay off the blog sphere for some R&R, but I couldn’t resist. Hope I was of some help, usually I’m not, but at least I’m trying!

    May 26, 2010 at 12:46 p.m.