Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » No Propositions on State Ballot


I work every day with elections and so I sometimes take for granted that others are aware of a coming election. After all we've planned for this election since the 2010 budget process began in May of 2009. But because our office handles lots of phone calls, I know there are questions about this election.

One of the questions we are regularly answering this fall is about propositions on the ballot. The correct answer is the state has no ballot propositions on the November 2, 2010 ballot.

It seems an e-mail is circulating again and again from well meaning individuals who didn't make the effort to learn the truth before forwarding the information to their friends. The e-mail references ballot propositions from a previous election. Since every election is important, the senders want to make every effort to get people to vote. But those propositions are not on this year's ballot.

We all need help when it comes to elections. The candidates are seeking your vote. They use as many means of attracting attention as they can think up. Some confusion will exist with so many opinions being shared.

You can help by encouraging your friends to learn as much as possible about the candidates. Also encourage them to participate in the election and go vote. Our democracy is stronger when everyone takes responsibility.