You see political signs along the streets and you know an election is approaching. Some voters may request a ballot be mailed to their current residence. Registered votes who qualify for a ballot by mail must make an application to vote by mail. To qualify you must meet one or more of the following criteria.

  • Be sixty-five years of age or older on Election Day
  • Have a disability which prevents you from safely entering a polling location
  • Be confined in jail
  • Absent from the county during early voting or Election Day.

The age requirement is pretty simple. Have a birth date on or before November 2, 1945. That date seems to be getting closer and closer to my own birthday but it will be a number of years before I can apply for a ballot by mail using age as a qualification.

The disability factor is also fairly simple. If it would be difficult for you to enter a polling location, during early voting or Election Day, you may request a ballot be mailed to your home. The disability could be permanent or temporary so long as you could suffer more serious injury by going to vote.

We do provide curbside voting for any voter able to ride to the polling place and mark their ballot in the car. We have on occasion provided a curbside ballot to an individual in an ambulance. On another occasion the curbside ballot was provided to a someone on a horse.

If you are confined in jail and have not been finally convicted of a felony, you may request a ballot be mailed to you in jail. A felony conviction would remove your voter registration eligibility but a misdemeanor conviction does not. Likewise a deferred adjudication plea in a felony matter is not a final conviction nor is a guilty verdict which is under appeal.

Early Voting in Person starts October 18th. If you will be absent from the county during early voting and have an address outside the county where you may receive a ballot, you may vote by mail. This includes students away from home who wish to vote in their county of residence but are currently living in another city. It also includes workers who are away from the county and can provide an address outside the county to which a ballot may be mailed. Another absent voter is one who is traveling and will not be in Victoria during voting. They can request a ballot be mailed to a future destination.

There are additional opportunities to vote by mail for military and oversees citizens. If you have questions about voting for members of the military, please contact the office.