Voter registration for the November 2, 2010 Joint General Election ends at 5 pm on Monday, October 4th. If you wish to vote in the election you must be a registered voter.

As there are only a few days left I would recommend you visit the Elections Office located at 111 N. Glass. You will be asked to complete a Voter Registration Application. Upon submission of the application we will verify your information and, if approved, include your registration for the November election.

You could call the office (576-0124) and we would be happy to mail you an application. But that application must be returned with a postmark of October 4th or before. Should the post office be late in your receipt of the application or not affix the required postmark, your registration could be considered to have been submitted after the deadline. You would not be eligible to vote.

A change to your residence also requires you update your voter registration. The Post Office does not forward change of address notifications to the voter registrar. You are the only person who may change your voter registration information.

If you change counties in the process of changing your residence you must submit an new application in your new county of residence.

Don't be embarrassed on Election Day by having incorrect voter registration information.