Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » New Voter Registration Cards Coming - Just Not until Valentine's Day


You may have noticed your current voter registration cards, the blue ones you keep on a special shelf or in your wallet, have an expiration date of December 31, 2001. Normally we would have mailed new cards starting in mid-November of odd numbered years with all the cards in the mail by December 5th. Not so this year.

The federal court in Texas was asked to become involved in the redistricting process. The US District Court for the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division, issued several orders over the last couple of months and a few of those orders had to do with the mailing of voter registration cards. Initially the court ordered a delay from the November mailing to a mailing planned for mid-January. That order has already been changed and now the next tentative deadline for mailing is February 13th.

In years past I sometimes worried that the mailing of voter registration cards near Thanksgiving usually meant our cards were in the mail at about the same time as Christmas Cards. A few people would dump their voter cards in with the Christmas card pile and then throw the whole pile out after the holidays. This meant they wouldn't have their voter registration card when it came time for voting. Now it seems we will be in with the Valentine Cards. I wish next year's card was pink instead of yellow.