Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Election Day is Saturday, May 14, 2011


The election of two Victoria ISD trustees will be on the ballot this Saturday. A General & Special Election is being held for trustees of districts 3 & 1. District 3 is a full, three year term and is the general part of the election while District 1 is an unexpired term and is the special part of the election.

On Election Day voters must vote at their precinct polling location. Polls will be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. You may bring your voter registration card or other identification. Although the Photo ID bill has passed through the Texas Legislature, it is still waiting for the Governor's signature and will not become law until September.

Trustee District 3 polling locations are

Aloe Elementary for Victoria ISD voters from precincts 15, 16, & 18

Wilson Residence for precinct 20

Vickers Elementary for precinct 21

Mission Valley Volunteer Fire Department for Victoria ISD voters from precinct 22 and

Diebel Residence for precinct 31

Trustee District 1 polling locations are

Hopkins Academy for precinct 1

County Courthouse for precinct 2

Trinity Episcopal Church for precinct 3

Shields Elementary for precinct 8

Guadalupe Elementary for Victoria ISD voters from precinct 14

Dudley Magnet for precinct 34 and

FW Gross Montessori for precinct 35

If you have question about this election you may contact the Election Office at 576-0124 or e-mail at or come by 111 N. Glass between the hours of 8 & 5.

Remember to vote.