Early Voting in Person begins today for the November 8, 2011 Constitutional Amendment Election. The Elections Office, located at 111 N. Glass, will be open weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday, October 24th through Friday, November 4th. All registered voters in Victoria County are eligible to vote in this election.

In our series there are only two propositions left to be offered on the ballot.

Proposition No. 9

"The constitutional amendment authorizing the governor to grant a pardon to a person who successfully completes a term of deferred adjudication community supervision."

The governor of our state has the authority to grant reprieves, commute punishment and pardon after a criminal convictions. The governor may exercise this authority in all criminal cases except treason and impeachment, but only if the Board of Pardons and Paroles recommends it.

If approved this proposition would expand the governor's authority to cases when a person had successfully completed a term of deferred adjudication. Under current law a person who completes their deferred adjudication are not eligible for a pardon because a "deferred adjudication" judgement is not a conviction. The proposition would also require a person who completed their deferred adjudication to wait at least ten years before applying of a pardon.

Proposition No. 10

"The constitutional amendment to change the length of the unexpired term that causes the automatic resignation of certain elected county or district officeholders if they become candidates for another office."

The proposition would extend from one year to one year and thirty days the length of the unexpired term of office that would require automatic resignation by an office hold who filed or announced candidacy for another office.

The federal MOVE Act requires a ballot be mailed to military personnel and persons living overseas no later than 45 days prior to an election. Under previous law this deadline was difficult if not impossible to meet with a January 2nd deadline for filing for public office. The deadline has been moved to December 12th. This date leaves more than one year left on the term of office for someone wishing to file for another office. Approval of the proposition would conform filing date with federal mandate.

More information on all of the propositions can be found at the Texas Legislature's web site with analysis of the pros and cons of each proposition on the ballot.

Early Voting by mail applications may be received by the Elections Office no later than 5 pm on Tuesday, November 1st. Persons eligible for a ballot by those; 65 years of age or older, or have a disability preventing them from going into a polling location, or confined in jail and not convicted of a felony, or out of the county during early voting in person or on Election Day.

Contact the Elections Office at elections@vctx.org for more information or call us at 576-0124.