Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Our Next Election is November 8, 2011


The State of Texas is holding a Constitutional Amendment Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. There will be ten amendments to the state constitution on the ballot. In Victoria County these will be the only thing on the ballot. Other counties may add other issues for voter consideration.

The Texas Constitution has been amended many times since its creation. This year the Texas Legislature sought to include ten propositions to place before the voters. Over the next few weeks I'll try to explore each of these propositions in this blog.

The important thing to consider today is are you registered to vote. Since only registered voters will be able to participate in the election, you should locate your voter registration card and check to see it is current. Voter registration continues so long as you remain at the same residence. But if you do change your residence, you must update your voter registration. If you change your residence to a different county, you must re-register.

The deadline for voter registration for the coming election is Tuesday, October 11th. This deadline has been extended to the first business day 30 days before the election and since Columbus Day is a holiday that first day is a Tuesday. The deadline is 5 pm.

The turnout for a constitutional amendment election in Texas is normally low. This is surprising since it is an important election. Typically more money is allotted and more long term change is enacted during a constitutional election that at any other election. A quick example is the funds approved in an election remain debt for twenty years while the election of an official can be for only four years.

If you have any questions about your registration status, please contact the Elections Office at 576-0124.