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It seems early to start talking about the election in November but our office is already taking calls about the election next March. We are answering the calls about next year but need to take the time to consider the next election.

As always you must be a registered voter to participate in any election. So whether you are planning to vote this November or will wait until next year, one thing you should do is check your voter registration. The voter registration card should show your current residence address. It should be blue and should have an expiration date of 12/31/11. We will mail out new voter registration cards for 2012 but only if your registration is up to date. You have until October 11th to register for the Constitutional Amendment Election.

There will be ten propositions on the ballot in November. All reflect issues the Texas Legislature wishes to place before the voters for consideration as a change to our Texas Constitution. Our constitution has been amended 467 times in the last 134 years so this is not a new thing. Every time the Texas Legislature has met in the last forty years there have been propositions for the citizens of Texas to consider.

The elections in November of odd-numbered years usually draw fewer voters. There have been exceptions such as the times when the lottery was approved or horse racing was supported. But for most years the complexity of the issues on the ballot and the lack of constant advertising results in low turnout.

This is very unfortunate because these changes to our constitution are important issues which affect citizens all over this state.

We have a few weeks left before the election so each week I'll try to review the propositions. You may also find information through the Secretary of State's website and the website for the Texas Legislature. Being an informed voter makes you a better voter.