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For the next week there will lots of reporting on the election results of the primary runoff. The winners from the election may take a few moments to savor their victory but very soon they will turn their attention to the general election.

First off the local parties will canvass the election and later the state parties will canvass. The election results become official only after the canvass. The canvass is a review of the tabulation of results as reported on election night. We'd like to think we don't make mistakes but before we provide the results to the parties, we'll review the total number of voters as well as the total number of votes cast. We will also review provisional and overseas ballots.

The review of provisional ballots cast in the election is conducted to determine whether the provisional ballots can accepted or must be rejected. Accepted ballots are added to the unofficial results. Military and overseas ballots postmarked July 31st and received by August 7th will be tabulated and added to the totals. In every election is is best to check and double-check the results.

The Elections Office, while preparing for the primary runoff, was already working towards the November Presidential General Election. Just this week commissioners' court approved an early voting in person schedule of additional hours and temporary polling locations. Victoria County is also working with Bloomington ISD, Victoria County Groundwater Conservation District, Nursery ISD and Meyersville ISD to hold the November election as a joint election. We hope these joint election efforts will share the cost of the election by sharing polling place personnel, equipment and supplies.

The General Election is Tuesday, November 6, 2012. It will be like all elections, important.

Applications for ballot by mail will be accepted beginning Friday, September 7th and ending Tuesday, October 30th.

Early voting in person will begin on Monday, October 22nd and end on Friday, November 2nd.

All registered voters will be eligible to vote in the election. If you change your county of residence you must re-register. If you move within the county you must update your voter registration information. The last day to register or to make a change is Tuesday, October 9th. If you know someone who has changed their residence you should remind them of the need to update voter registration information.