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Over the last week mis-information regarding your voter registration status has run rampant across the state in mis-guided e-mails. If you receive one of the e-mails from a trusted friend please try to remember their intentions are good but the information they are passing on is incorrect.

State, federal and county elected officials typically serve four year terms. A few are six year terms and some are two year terms. Elections for the various officials are staggered with an election being held in November of even-numbered years for the expiring terms. Terms normally expire at the end of the even-numbered year.

Those wanting to run for elected office must either align themselves with a political party or run as an independent candidate. Currently the Republican and Democratic parties hold primary elections to select their nominee to run in the November General Election. Libertarian and Green Party candidates typically are selected at conventions held by the party. Independent candidates must gather signatures on a petition from registered voters who did not participate in either a primary or a convention nominee selection process.

This year the primary election was scheduled for March 2nd but was delayed back in 2011 when a federal court in San Antonio ordered the primary moved to April 3rd. In addition to changing the primary date the court also ordered a delay in mailing of voter registration cards.

Voter registration cards, which have always expired at the end of an odd-numbered year, normally are mailed after November 15th and before December 5th. The federal court originally ordered a delay until January 13th. Then the court ordered a delay until February 13th. Now the court has ordered a delay until they issue a new order. I am waiting every day to hear when we may mail our cards.

If you have your blue voter registration card which expired on December 31st, 2011 and you continue to reside at the same address listed as your residence, you need do nothing. As soon as the court allows us to mail cards we will begin.

If your residence address has changed within the county you should update your information to the new residence address. This update must be in the form of a written communication, normally a Voter Registration Application indicating a change of information.

So long as you reside in the same county you will be allowed to voter whether or not you have your voter registration card in your possession. Your registration is not cancelled because of an expiring card.

If you have moved from the county you must register with the voter registrar in your new county. You would not be allowed to vote in your former county.

Voter registration cards will be mailed as soon as the courts approve. This is not, as some e-mail suggested, incompetence. It is not a conspiracy. It is due process of law.