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I used to be so proud that in my job when you said something would be done by a certain date, it was done. How true it is that "pride goeth before a fall".

The primary elections in Texas have been held in March for several bi-eniums with the Democrats and Republican party candidates battling it out to be the nominee of the party in the November General Election. First Tuesday in March. Other projects come and go but primaries are in March. You could hang your hat on it. Not this year.

The Texas Legislature had good intentions with many changes necessary to comply with federal laws and state needs. It kept the primary set for the first Tuesday in March. It altered many of the deadlines leading up the primary. It placed for consideration of the voters a change to the Texas Constitution. It provided for unforeseen eventualities by approving authority to interpret problems and provide solutions by the Secretary of State's office.

But the Texas Legislature also redistricted the state's legislative representatives. Not everyone believed the legislature's efforts met the needs of the people and several lawsuits were filed. The US Congressional Districts, the State Senatorial Districts and the State Representative Districts are currently under review by a federal court in San Antonio, a federal court in Washington, D.C. and the US Supreme Court.

I don't wish to cast aspersions on what happens when attorneys and judges come together to discuss an issue but I heard that the solutions left to the US Supreme Court amount to either bad or worse.

There may be no more practical solutions to the problems created in this election season. Most of the local candidates would like to get things going. I suspect the state and federal candidates feel the same. The last thing anyone really wants is for the election process to be harmed but it seems we may be at a point when doing the least amount of harm is the better of an unfortunate set of options.

Please be patient. We'll work diligently to comply with future orders of the courts. Until then we will be working under current law and current court orders. Right now the primary election is set for Tuesday, April 3, 2012. I have already crossed the original deadlines off my calendar and created new ones. Unfortunately the first set were in ink, all future ones will be in pencil. I have my eraser in hand.