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As is often the case before elections we find ourselves needing help. The county approved changes to the boundaries of the election precincts. In some cases this displaced the election judges who served at the polling location. For the coming elections we are looking for qualified voters to serve as judges or clerks.

Election personnel are paid for their efforts in conducting elections. This includes several hours of trainings and work on Election Day. You will not get rich working an election. You will have the satisfaction of providing the fundamental process of a democracy, the right to vote. Democracy needs participation, not apathy.

The new boundaries for election precincts meant some new polling places as well. A couple of these are the Family Worship Center on Sam Houston and the Tanglewood Clubhouse. The Family Worship Center will serve as the new election precinct polling location for precinct 6 and the Tanglewood Clubhouse will serve as the new precinct 31 polling location.

Election precinct 6 is bounded by Sam Houston, Red River, Ben Wilson and Airline. If you live in this area and would like to be an election official, please contact the office at 576-0124 or

Election precinct 31 was formerly part of election precinct 10 (voting at Liberty Academy). Our election judges for 10 now live in 31 so we need election personnel for precinct 10.

Election precinct 10 is bounded by Sam Houston at Airline, along Airline to the Tanglewood Subdivision boundary, along the boundary to Sherwood, Sherwood to Tanglewood, Tanglewood to Rosewood, Rosewood to Sherwood, Sherwood to Teakwood, Teakwood to US 59 Business, US 59 Business to John Stockbauer, John Stockbauer to Miori, Miori to Sam Houston and Sam Houston to Airline.

That is a bit complicated. An easier concept is if you formerly voted at Liberty Academy and would like to serve as an election judge or clerk, give us a call at 576-0124 or email us at

Howell Middle School is a polling location where the boundaries were changed and again the election judges found themselves in another precinct. Howell is in election precinct 17. Election precinct 17 is bounded by Leary Lane, Dean Cook, Mockingbird and Sam Houston. If you live this area and would like to serve as an election official, please contact the Elections Office at 576-0124 or e-mail us at

We hope to hear from you soon so that we can begin your training to become an election official. Thank you for your consideration.

Elections don't just happen. They require lots of planning. Mostly they require participation of responsible individuals who are willing to invest their time into service to their community.