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This week we celebrate Independence Day. For some it is a chance for a day off and fireworks. Others will have cook-outs with bar-b-que and hot dogs. A few will have to work and some will just use the day as a break in the long hot summer. What we are celebrating is the creation of the United States and a break with Great Britain.

During those early years the often heard cry of taxation without representation rang through the country. King George was not properly considering the opinion of the people in colonial America. The issue of representation is central to the problems we were having in the late 1770's. America had no voice in Parliament. We could not elect representatives and therefore had little voice. Electing our representatives was so important back then that a war had to be fought.

The war was not easy. The war was not popular. The war almost was lost. Yet the Founding Fathers created a new nation. A nation where everyone (back then all property owners) could cast a ballot for the person to represent them in Congress.

Voting is even more important today then back then. We have a Primary Runoff Election coming up on July 31st. Normally the voting turnout for a runoff election is low. Yet the importance of voting for party nominees is still viable.

You will have your chance to vote beginning the week of July 23rd. The Election Office will be open weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm with some extra time (7 aim to 7 pm) on Friday.

Have a Happy 4th!