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For those registered voters who meet the qualifications, a ballot can be mailed to their home or their temporary residence. To be eligible to vote by mail you must submit a written application. The application must include your name, your current residence address where you are registered to vote, a statement that you meet one or more of the qualifications to receive a ballot in the mail and your signature. Official forms are not required but you may request an application be mailed to you.

The following individuals may request a ballot by mail. All must be registered voters in the county. You must file a request to vote by mail for each election.

    A person who is 65 years of age or older on or before Election Day.

    A person who has a disability which prevents them from going to a polling location without the likelihood they may injury themselves.

    A person who is confined in jail but not being finally convicted of a felony offense.

    A person absent from the county of residence during the period of early voting in person and on Election Day.

The place of temporary residence can be a nursing home or a rehabilitation center or even a relative's home in which you are currently living.

If a person cannot complete their application it may be completed by another voter in the same household or a friend so long as the person assisting the voter provides information on their own identity.

The deadline to receive an application to vote by mail is the close of business, eight days prior to any election. For the July 31st Primary Runoff Election this date is Tuesday, July 24th at 5 pm. Applications may be submitted up to sixty days prior to an election. Applications for the November 6th General Election cannot be accepted before September 7th.

For more information on balloting by mail contact the Elections Office. E-mail us at or call 576-0124 or visit us on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm at 111 N. Glass or send us a letter to the same street address in Victoria, Texas 77901.

If you qualify to vote by mail and would like a ballot mailed to you now is the time to make your request.