Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Election workers are needed for Howell School


Lots of media coverage has been given to the state redistricting but the city and school district were also required to conduct redistricting after the Census of 2010. There were changes in who our city council and school district trustees now represent. This ultimately meant the election precinct boundaries changed as well.

One of the areas affected by this change is election precinct 17 which votes at Howell Middle School. Our previous election judge now resides outside the precinct and election judges are required to be residents of the election precinct they serve. Precinct 17 is bounded by Sam Houston, Leary Lane, Dean Cook Dr., Mockingbird to Guy Grant to a line running behind Castle Hills to Sam Houston.

Our next election is Saturday, May 12th for the City of Victoria, Victoria ISD, Victoria College, Drainage District Nos. 2 & 3, Water Control & Improvement Districts Nos. 1 & 2 and the Quail Creek MUD.

Please call the Elections Office at 576-0124 if you are interested in working an election. Election personnel are paid for the time they serve on election day and for training provided by the Elections Office.

Election workers provide a valuable service to the community. It is a position of responsibility which contributes to the free choice required in a democracy.