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The 2012 Voter Registration Cards have begun mailing for Victoria County. As you can imagine we are all relieved this day has come. We have been waiting since mid-November of last year to send the new yellow voter registration cards to the voters of the county. Federal court orders delayed this until late last week. Now we have only a few weeks to get them out. Its the same old game of "Hurry Up and Wait".

There were e-mails circulated over the last few weeks and we have received a lot of calls. Much of the information included in the e-mail concerned expired cards was incorrect. Only the fact that the cards from 2010-2011 had expired held any truth. Voter registration did not expire so long as you remained in the same residence. You would be allowed to vote so long as you lived in the same county. The offices for mailing voter registration cards are not incompetent (this one particularly hurt as the reason we didn't mail was we were following court orders).

Victoria County will mail over 45,000 voter registration cards. This represents all of the active names on our voter registration roles. We are not mailing to names we have listed under "suspense". Suspense voters are those who's residence may have changed in the last two years and our office has received information indicating they no longer reside at their previous address.

If you have changed your residence within the county since 2010 you may not receive a new voter registration card. You should contact the Elections Office at 576-0124 to update your residency information.

If you are new to Victoria County, Welcome! Now would be a good time to register in your new county of residence. Contact us for a Voter Registration Application or come by the office to complete the form. The registration deadline for the May 12th City, College, Water election is April 12th. The registration deadline for the May 29th Primary election is April 30th.

It will take a couple of weeks to print, burst into cards and mail the 2012-2013 voter registration cards. If you believe you should have received a card and it is not in your possession by the end of the month contact the Elections Office.