Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Do Not Cut Voter Registration Cards


The Elections Office has begun mailing voter registration cards for Victoria County. With over 45,000 registered voters we are doing so in smaller batches and taking about two weeks to mail all of the cards.

When you receive your new yellow voter registration card for 2012-2013 you should sign your name on the front of the card. Place the card in a safe place you can remember when it is time to vote. You may fold the card to place it in your purse or wallet. DO NOT CUT the voter registration card.

Our cards contain a lot of information required by law. To fit all of this information onto a postcard takes some planning and a little ingenuity. The Texas Secretary of State's Office, Elections Division works very hard to insure all the required information is included on the card. If you cut off portions of the card you may be discarding some of that information.

The card also has instructions for voter registration on the back of the card. This information is helpful if you need to update your registration. Should the card be trimmed, much of this information is lost.

The voter registration cards also have barcodes for identifying voters at the polling location. This makes the process of qualifying voters on Election Day proceed a little faster. Trimming the card often removes this barcode.

If you have already trimmed your card you may request a replacement but give us a couple of weeks before you call so that we have time to finish our initial mailing.