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Well it took us a couple of weeks but the Victoria County voter registration cards have been mailed. All total there were over 45,000 cards printed, separated, stacked, bundled in mailing trays and picked up by Victoria Pre-Sort. From their Pre-Sort did what their name implies, they sorted and stamped each post card before delivering them to the US Postal Service.

The Post Office has done a rather remarkable job of delivering all of these cards in a timely fashion. We began hearing almost immediately, "My card came but my wife's didn't. Is she still registered?" I hope the second card arrived a day or so later and I suspect it did because we haven't heard back from as many as originally called.

This year's mailing, like years in the past, had some cards returned to our office. A voter registration card is deliverable only to the residence of the voter. If the voter moved, or changed their mailing address, then the card is returned to the voter registration office. We have already received several thousand cards back.

If you are a registered voter of Victoria County and did not receive your voter registration card in the mail you may receive a letter from us inquiring about your new location. The letter can follow you to a new location but the voter registration cannot. You'll need to respond to the letter with the enclosed Confirmation Card or update your voter registration. So long as you still reside in Victoria County you would be allowed to vote in the coming elections in May.

As a reminder the City of Victoria and Victoria College are holding an election on Saturday, May 12th along with the Water Control & Improvement Districts Nos. 1 & 2 and Quail Creek MUD. The Democratic and Republican Parties are holding primary elections on Tuesday, May 29th.

If you are new to the county, you still have a few weeks to register before the first election. April 12th is the deadline for the May 12th election and April 30th is the deadline for the primary election.

If you do not have your card it may have been returned. You should check with the Elections Office at 576-0124 before the deadlines to insure your registration is current.