Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » November 6, 2012 - Election Day


The 2012 General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 6th. Precinct polling locations will be open from 7 am to 7 pm. Registered Voters in Victoria County will be allowed to cast their ballot if they have not voted during early voting or have not returned a ballot in the mail.

To be a registered voter you must be at least 18 years of age or older by November 6th. You must be a resident of Victoria County. You must be a United States Citizen. You must have submitted an application to register to vote prior to October 9, 2012. You may not have been convicted of a felony or if convicted completed the terms of your sentence. You may not have been declared mentally incapacitated by a probate court.

On Election Day you may vote only at your precinct polling location. Your precinct number is listed on your voter registration certificate. The current certificate is yellow and white and was mailed in March. Your precinct location determines the races on your ballot. The November ballot has federal, state, district, county, and local races.

The precinct polling locations in Victoria County are; Precinct 1 - Hopkins Academy, Precinct 2 - Victoria County Courthouse, Precinct 3 - Trinity Episcopal Church, Precinct 4 - Patti Welder Middle School, Precinct 5 - Crain Elementary School, Precinct 6 - Family Worship Center, Precinct 7 - O'Connor Magnet School, Precinct 8 - Shields Elementary School, Precinct 9 - National Guard Armory, Precinct 10 - Liberty Academy - Fine Arts Center Annex, Precinct 11 - Prct 4 Portable Building, J-2 Ranch Road, Precinct 12 - Placedo Volunteer Fire Department, Precinct 13 - Bloomington Fire Department, Precinct 14 - Guadalupe School, Precinct 15 - McFaddin School Building, Precinct 16 - Kemper City Community Center, Precinct 17 - Howell Middle School, Precinct 18 - Aloe Elementary School, Precinct 19 - Smith Elementary School, Precinct 20 - Wilson Residence, HWY 236, Precinct 21 - Vickers Elementary School, Precinct 22 - Mission Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Precinct 23 - Nursery Precinct No. 2 Service Center, Precinct 24 - Heritage Funeral Chapel, Precinct 25 - Rowland Elementary School, Precinct 26 - Telferner Methodist Church, Precinct 27 - Inez Volunteer Fire Department, Precinct 28 - Wm Wood Elementary School, Precinct 29 - DeLeon Elementary School, Precinct 30 - Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Precinct 31 - Tanglewood Clubhouse, Precinct 32 - VISD Administration Building, Precinct 33 - Holy Family Catholic Church, Precinct 34 - Dudley Magnet School, Precinct 35 - FW Gross Montessori School.

Voting is an important responsibility. It is also a fundamental right of every US Citizen. Voters should have the expectation of being able to cast their ballot without others knowing how we voted. Every voter should be able to vote without being intimidated by others.

Do not take voting for granted. Many people around the globe have no say in who governs them. That is not the case in the United States. Every voter does and can make a difference in the outcome of Tuesday's election.