Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Everyone Should be Encouraged to Vote


The voting public is sadly an ever smaller part of those eligible. Some years ago in Victoria County the election turnout for a presidential election was 72%. Nearly one in four believed that going to their polling place and casting a ballot was important. Lately, even with all the information we have available, only about half are showing up for elections. It is less than could and certainly less than should be participating in a very important responsibility.

As a citizen of this county, this state, and this country you should participate in the selection process of determining your representatives. You should not leave it to others to make the decision on your behalf. It is your voice which should be heard when it comes to voting.

I have heard that lots of people say "my vote doesn't matter". If you look at a little bit of history you will find that isn't true. Our recent city election had a difference of three votes. A school board election from a few years ago ended in a tie. A commissioner's race ended five votes apart. So then you say, "Well my vote doesn't count for president". My response is look again at history. In 1960 in the presidential election between Kennedy and Nixon the difference was one vote in each precinct. Think about that, one vote in each precinct would have changed the outcome of the election.

I admit there were lots of precincts in 1960 but not as many precincts as there are today. I also admit the local elections had a fairly low turnout. It is just that low turnout which must be avoided.

Not only should you vote, you should be encouraging those around you to vote as well. When someone agrees with your thoughts on how this country should be run you both should participate in voting. So that is two votes. Each of you finds a friend and that's two more votes. Eventually you have a lot of people voting your way. Think about it a moment, what if people who disagree with you go vote and get their friends to vote when you and your friends don't vote. Who is selecting the winners? Who will see the country run their way?

Early Voting in Person begins on Monday, October 22nd. Registered voters in Victoria County may come to the Elections Office between 8 am and 5 pm to cast a ballot every day next week.

On Friday, October 26th we will open two additional sites. One at the Victoria Mall in Inspiring Scents and the other at the Health Department in Classroom A. All three sites will open on Saturday, October 27th from 8 am to 5 pm and we'll open a site at the DaCosta Fire Station as well.