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It may seem like a long time to election day in November but now is the time we could use help in finding responsible voters who are willing to serve as election officials for Victoria County. If you are interested in becoming an election judge at a polling location or you know someone who you believe would make a good election worker, we want you to contact us at the Victoria County Election Office.

You can phone us at 576-0124 or e-mail us at You could also come by the office located in the Pattie Dodson Public Health Center at 2805 N. Navarro in Suite 500. Registered voters who serve as election workers are paid both for the time they work on election day and for the training sessions and election school before the election. We want responsible individuals who can operate a polling place fairly for all voters. You must also be a registered voter in Victoria County to work at one of our polling places.

Over the years many wonderful people have served as judges and clerks at our polling places. These people insure the continued basic process of voting in our democracy. What started out as a rather straight forward task of signing in voters and providing them a ballot has become a bit more complicated. Gone are the paper lists of registered voters and we now use computers to maintain an up to the minute poll list. Also part of the past are paper ballots or lever voting machines. Now we use direct recording electronic voting machines. The use of computers allows us to offer voting for everyone at any polling location. Without the computers we would be back to voting at only your election precinct.

The transition to computers does mean that each election official needs training on the equipment and they also must learn about election laws to be followed at the polling place. This is one reason we are asking for voters to sign up as election workers now. There will be several training sessions in late September and the first part of October. The three main topics for training are; Laws & Forms, iVotronic Voting Machines, and VoteSoft Electronic Poll Books.

If you believe you have the right stuff to become a poll worker, please contact us. It takes the participation of its citizens for democracy to work.