Blogs » Victoria County Report » Whats wrong with Local News Reporters ?


Victoria has two news sources. Both are suppose to have news reporters to go out and track news sometimes as it happens to report it.  But for some reason neither seem to  report much news   and I couldnt ever understand that.  Victoria is growing daily and different things happen daily that everyone would like to know about. Both news sources seem to only report what they want and how they want to report news.  Thats not right. many of times I have heard news and actualy called both news sources and told them hey this and that is happening. But they act like oh ok well we will try to get a reporter out and look into the matter. Thats very sorry. Most city's have good breaking news on Tv sometimes as it happens but for some reason not Victoria. seems as they report what they want. Whats wrong here with the local reporters ? The Victoria Advocate has a area online to actualy bring in local news and bring it to the readers as news happens. Wish there was away to get these reporters on the ball.