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Recently I made a call to the Victoria Advocate. About a something that I thought would be great to put in our local paper about a abduction that took place in Pearland Texas. Two co workers got off work on the night of Feb - 5 - 2008. Both worked at a Catherines clothing store at a Pearland shopping center. As they walked to there cars Susana De Jesus was taken by a masked man with a gun. Forced into her car and driven away. Not long afterwards the victim was at a local ATM machine with ther person who took her at gun point. latter the next day her car was found in Houston. I have tryed to right away after reading about this, tryed to get the word out for a storrie in the Victoria Advocate with a pic. cause not knowing where she was I wanted to get help geting the storrie and her info out. I contacted several advocate personal about wanting the storrie placed in our local news paper. Only to have the readers be aware in case someone would notice her. Due to the fact that her where abouts was unknown. And thought it would be a interesting storrie to be reported. As a matter of fact yesterday I contacted  the Advocate again about the matter again. Spoke with a Mr Cobler a so called editor. He said oh well we will see about the matter. That has pissed me off I been trying for sometime to get this out. The Victoria Advocate seems to only print or put online what they want. Thats not right someway some how this matter someday will get the right attention A.S.A.P. This is a inportant storrie to ignore. For those who are wanting to read updates you can go to, and search the history of the past several weeks and read acticles