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Early this morning I was awaked by high speed pursuit in Victoria county. First I heard of it was at right befor 5am this morning of saturday the 31st. For what I understand was the Victoria County Sheriff's Department was chaseing a unknown vehicle I think it was south bound on Hwy 87. my understanding was the vehicle was in the wrong lane of traffic going towards Port Lavaca on hwy 87. Speeds was said to have been at tops of about 95 mph.  Then soon after 5am the chase had entered into Calhoun County where it was suppose to be Calhoun Sheriff units waiting for the pursuit to enter the county and possble road spikes ready for the pursuit. Right after the chase entered Calhoun County, my understanding was the suspects vechicle some how lost control and wrecked out. It was said that the suspects vechicle hit several power poles, and had entered into some type of body of water, the last I heard was the vechicle was into a body of water. Its unknown as far I know what happened after that if everyone was ok or not. Calhoun was reporting that power lines was lying every where. Still none of this has even been reported in any news at all.