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"The 1990's sure aren't like the 1980's."

What I am about to divulge to you - what you will see presented below, arguably constitutes the greatest con ever perpetrated on the entertainment loving American public. We have been hoodwinked, lied to, treated like dirt and washed with white linens at the wrong temperature without the slightest regard for preserving our intellectually vapid broadcasting choices that are protected in the latest copy of TV Guide.

When President Trump won the election this year after Obama was impeached for being an Hawaikenyindonesian I was skeptical about his ability to solve the problems facing this country. From the rough ride of economic highs and lows to conducting 3 foreign conflicts and a war with Alabama, whoever won this election faced a a gargantuan task.

My suspicions were first aroused when I saw the following image in an archived copy of the New York Post:

Donald Trump as a baby

Seems innocent enough, right? Let us look in greater detail at his already burgeoning hairline:

Evil Trump

Notice the following details:

  1. The base of his "hair" is clearly marked as being manufactured in China.
  2. Notice the reflection of in his right eye of a figure that poses more than a passing resemblance to usurper Obama.
  3. Pay great heed to how evil his eyebrows look - this baby is, without question, the spawn of a TV hating demon.

Now, you might well say what has this got to do with hoodwinking the nation? I submit to you the following evidence. Prior to Trump's inauguration he presented his birth certificate as required by the new law - let us have a look at this "document".

Trump really was conceived

Looks genuine, right? Even has a seal doesn't it? Well, my friends, look closer:

The Truth revealed

Are you beginning to grasp the the enormity of what is being revealed to you yet?

  1. Notice, upon closer inspection, the field denoting hair color is QUITE CLEARLY listed as BALD!

But WAIT! That is not all, take a look at the "official seal":


At last it becomes clear! One can clearly see his clan motto "You're Fired" embossed within the Seal. We have come full circle, the evidence is damning and this is a damnable man in league with Lucifer to bring socialism to the world of light entertainment between 7 and 9pm weekdays.

President Trump reacted in an uncharacteristically defensive manner when, upon my submission to the publication, a WorldNetDaily reporter (they do have one) managed to challenge him at a recent public appearance:

You can see it in his hairs

Look at that face of deceit, that face of lies and hatred and then look at Trump's face.

As a final clincher my last piece of evidence that took great personal danger for me to obtain (due to the ferocity of said piece of evidence) reveals to us all that man's best friend also becomes corrupted by being the presence of such a demonic entity:

Loyal Minion?

Trump's one time loyal friend has now become his trusted minion.

America, the time has come for the truth to set you free, please forward this epistle to your local congress person, your senators, to your fellow coach potatoes. We must all abide by the TV Guide as enshrined by our Network Founders and it is clear that this fraud has outstayed his welcome.

The Truth will set you free!