I've decided to alternate between my blog about virtual exploration and a new blog about the love of my life, a little spitfire who likes to be called "Vivi."

A friend of my nephew's gave me the idea and title, "The Chronicles of Vivi," last night on Twitter, based, he said, on the posts and pictures I put on Facebook. My first reaction was to be amazed, and flattered, that a guy in his early twenties wasn't bored to death by my constant obnoxious Facebook mommy-bragging. My second reaction was, great idea! (I don't need much of an excuse to launch into more obnoxious bragging). So thanks Matt!

I remember being Matt's age and "babysitting" him and my nephews, who were pre/young teens. I was at that time the girl no one thought would ever have a child. I was, I like to think, the "cool" aunt. My nephews once told me they couldn't wait for me to have a kid, because it would probably be a little mini-punk with a mohawk and an attitude, and they could get it to say funny (and inappropriate) things.

Well, in reality, Vivi does have an attitude and is partial to her "My Mom Rocks" tee-shirt, but I have turned into the thing I used to fear becoming, a responsible adult. Thus, no amusing cursing leaves the lips of my little darling, at least not often. (Hey, we all slip up once in a while).

I never could have imagined what I felt the moment I laid eyes on that tiny human being. The words that I find best describe parenthood for me are from The Beatles' song "Real Love:" "All my little plans and schemes/lost like some forgotten dream/seems like all I really was doing/was waiting for you." What I feel for my child is so powerful that it dwarfs anything else I've ever felt; every bit of happiness, excitement, fear, anger, despair, hopefulness, exaltation and love that came before her pale in comparison to this capital-L-Love for her.

Vivi is vivacious. She is a stubborn, bossy, and hilarious little imp. My mom calls her "payback." She is also capable of showing such tenderness - those little hands on my cheeks coupled with the simple words "you're MY mommy" are capable of making the whole world fall away, leaving just me and my baby. She skillfully switches from troublemaker to angel when she sees a stern look and throws her arms around my neck, proclaiming, "I love you Mommy!"

Violet has kept me entertained since before she was born, when she decided to head-butt me during the video sonogram. I had an inkling then that she wouldn't be an "easy" child, but that I was in for quite a bit of fun. I'd like to share some of that fun with you on this blog.