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Through open records, these are the applicants to date for the head football and volleyball positions.
Reference: Open Records Request, 12/10/2009; Victoria I.S.D.


Applied for East HS: Finley, Mickey; McCarter, James

Applied for West HS: Satcher, David

Applied for either East/West: Arroyo, Adam; August, Robert; Booker, Marcus; Calhoun, Larry; Collins, Tim; Cook, Lonnie; DuBuse, Clifford; Frye, Robert; George, Ryan; Guess, Mark; Harris, Bobby Ray; Haynes, Michael; Henry, Toby; Husmann, David; Johnson, Fred; Justice, Luther; Kopecky, Kevin; Launis, John; Livas, John; Mata, Bruno; Micheaux, Kristopher; McAngus, Leonard; Pabst, Karl; Padalecki, Edward; Reeve, Travis; Rhea, James; Rowland, Shane; Ryle, Scott; Sawyer, Brett; Siffin, William; Trevino, Joe; Traylor, Bryon; Trigg, Michael; VandeMerghel, Sean; Waddy, Raymond; Wagner, Peter; Weinburgh, Peter; Wilcox, Robert; Williams, Jeffery; Williams, Rodney


Applied for the to be determined HS: Boening, Misty; Brooks, Wallace; Carter, Courtney;
Gonzales, Victoria; Kimbrough, Helen; Lamar, Gary; Rebovich, Joe