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Usually when I write blogs on here, it's to show something to make you think about everyday actions, or mundane thoughts. I do enjoy making people think twice about the beliefs they choose and why they do. It's not that I want people to become faithless, I just want people to understand my point of view and how I can believe in what I do.

I am a firm believer in universal energy. I believe there are two energies at work 24/7 and those are positive and negative. Some days are going to be right as rain, and the next are chaotic. I do believe things happen for reasons but the difference is I don't "claim" to know anything about God, or about how the universe is run or even why.

I do believe in divine intervention and also free will. I don't believe in a place called hell, everything happens for reasons and crimes are no different. Their purpose for me is to teach. Life in itself is a lesson that never stops. This constant balance of left and right, dark and light, black and white, positive and negative is all around us.

That is what I believe, of course it's mixed in with things that I have been brought up to believe in like Jesus, but that's only because I feel that your spirituality is so much more closer to you than people want to admit. I find my spirituality to be closer to me than anything else in this world, so what do I get out of proclaiming it to the seven seas? I feel like it's a personal thing and should be sacred to the one who believes. Our spirituality is ultimately a part of us, the aura that protects our mind consciousness system.

I'm going a different route this time, I really enjoy writing and I hope readers will like what I have to say.

Things are really getting busy for me but I would love to get comments to let me know how you like my first REAL blog on here... Thanks ahead of time!