Alyssa Paige Burleigh was not just a loving and respecting daughter, a wonderful sister, or an amazingly awesome friend; She was the best listener and the world seems more dull and bland without her... as told by one of her friends, Candice Partida.

My heart breaks a little more everyday when I see cute status and mood updates on Myspace that look like this: "Lil Alyssa ima remember ur chipmunk smile. U made alota ppl laugh and smile. We'll nevr 4get u! RIP LIL ALYSSA BURLEIGH. Put ona happyface 4 aly." -shared with by another good friend of Alyssa's, Samantha Partida.

I took this beautiful photo of Alyssa on January 5th, 2007 when I had been an employee of Gone Bananas for a year. She had the sweetest smile, and an attitude to match. She could just brighten up a room full of laughter and smiles wherever she went. She was loved so much by her siblings and her family and of course her friends.

Although shy at first, she is quick to learn the way to your heart, and making you smile and laugh is a piece of cake. I have yet to know another 14 year old in this world who was so understanding and non-judgmental, and with the best manners and consideration for others this side of the Moon. Ken and Adriana should be so proud of the wonderful daughter they raised. Alyssa was very well spoken, she was a great athlete, an awesome friend to anyone, and an overall respectable and positive person.

I won't say that she has become an Angel, because honestly she's been one all along.

I'm missing you kid. Until we meet again, in that beautiful paradise. :')

Love, Josh