Well the semester is nearing the end.  I always like this time of year because it allows you to breath deep, in other words EXHALE.

This has really been a hectic semester.  I am in school, I have a 12 year old and an 8 year old in school, I work full-time, my husband works full-time, there are other extra curricular activities going on and we just have busy lives.  I know someone out there can relate to this.

Today was a very beautiful day and I actually took a break at work and went outside to enjoy it.  There is a wonderful breeze blowing and the temperature is just right... and why are we at work/school not enjoying this you say?  Go figure.  I would much rather be on someones beach relaxing.

Just wanted to drop a few words to all of you and I hope you enjoy this day as I have enjoyed 30 minutes of it (I know that is a long break considering I am at work, right?).  If you don't tell, I won't tell.

Have A Nice Day!