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Image.jpg) Well, here we go again, ONE down ONE to go for my son, ZERO down TWO to go for my daughter!

This time it is my son and daughter who are testing today.  I pray that they do well.  My son seemed to have a better attitude than my daughter today and I was happy to see that he was happy, but I had to perk her up just a bit before she got out of the car this morning.

Just to make them feel relaxed and loved, last night I ordered their favorite meal, YES... PIZZA, I gave them a PEP TALK, I then gave each of them a MASSAGE and we PRAYED as momma was spoiling them.  I wanted them to unwind as much as possible before today.  I worry about them and I want so badly for them to do well on these tests the first time, so that they don't have to go back and have to worry about doing it for a 2nd time.  Anyway, I will be spending my time today, every hour on the hour saying my affirmation in favor of my children.  Not only did I pray for my children last night, but I prayed for "your" children as well.  I want to see all of them press forward and succeed.  We all know how I feel about the TAKS test.  It's a pity that they let this test hold so much power.

Anyway, have a grand-old day!  And stay tuned for the outcome.