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There is some kind of terrible virus going around.  I had to pick-up my little boy from school this morning 45 minurtes after his arrival.  I already had a scheduled teacher conference (9AM) this morning and I couldn't get my foot out of the door soon enough before the school nurse called to say that he was running a temperature.

So, he slept in the nurses office until my meeting was over and I kept him at home.  So that means I missed a day of work.  Not that I'm all that broken up over it, but I do like to save as much time as possible for the summer vaction so that I don't have to rush back to work.  Anyway, one day lost for summer vacation.

He seems to be OK, but could use more medication, fluids, and sleep.  I may have to keep him home again tomorrow, but lets hope he feels better by then.  My nephew missed two days of school this week over the same illness.  He is much better now, but he so hurt that he was sick.  He talked to me and told me that he wasn't feeling good and he said he just wanted to rest... get that 5 years old and just want to rest!  Now you know he was sick (hahaha).  Five year olds don't rest!

Talk to you soon!