My son is pretty nervous about having to take this test.  I think it is simply ridiculous that the children's destiny is dependent upon a test.  No matter what you do during the year, if you don't pass this test, you don't go on to the next grade.

This is absolute absurd!  What if they decide to do nothing during the school year and make sure they pass the TAKS Test, then do they pass to next grade...?  NO, that's not happening!  Then and only then will what you do in class count as well.

I happen to think this is backwards and something needs to be done about this so that they do not stress our children out so much.  I really HATE this test. 

I think that I will put forth my energy in praying for him and believing in him rather than expressing my pure HATRED for this test... it takes tooooo much energy!

Anyway, I will let you all know the result when I get them.