Image.jpg) Hello All,

My baby walked through the door with his chest stuck out and very proud of himself.  His confidence was bigger than his head (and that is pretty big let me tell you).  :-))

Just joking.  He said mom (with such excitement) I passed my Reading TAKS test and so did the class.  The whole 3rd grade scored a 95% pass rate.  Ms. xx told us she was so proud of us (and you can see that this meant the world to him)!

Well of course since his mom promised to take him out to eat when he passes his test, he definitely did not forget to remind me.  So off to Chili's we went last night.  He was so happy, proud and energetic.  You could tell a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

I just loved seeing him this way.  Usually he is really reserved, but last night, he really let loose.  So I let him because he really deserved it.  Afterwards, the family took a late evening ride on the 610 loop, it was so refreshing.  We all had a good nights rest and woke up just as happy.  It really does feel good to be happy for a change.  With everything that goes on in our lives everyday, a little happiness sure goes a long way.

I wish you and yours as much happiness that we experienced in one evening.