Just read an article on Fox News regarding the issues that the shooter at Conn had. People are trying to understand or figure out what made the young man shoot all those young children and innocent people. The article says the shooter had a form of Asperger Sydrome which I can very well relate to. Having lived with my 62yr old brother for the last 2 yrs. who has Asperger, let me tell you there is no way anyone could really understand the horrible nightmare I have been going through in the last 2 yrs. Just this year until the end of Aug. he has called the police on me over 31 times for no reason. He didnt need any reason but appeared to need to find someone who would listen to him and not disagree in any way.
All he wanted to do all day was sleep until it was time to go out and eat which was usually from 5PM until they closed. Never put on the TV as the noise upset him and how many times did he call the police and complain I had the TV on too loud and forget about running a vaccum cleaner or never mow the glass while he was sleeping. My experience with him was NEVER EVER say any negative or not agree with him or he would get extremely mad and his eyes would appear as " huge glassy" out of space glares. A person doesnt have to worry about him running out of hot water to bath in, as he doesnt believe in bathing and trying living in a house with this odor. Oh, the clothes he wears everyday without changing them as the same clothes he sleeps in. Same clothes for months and never changes them until he was told my several restaurants to leave due to his odor. There is no way to understand what made that shooter do what he did. No one will ever be able to figure it out as I gave up months ago trying to understand what made my brother tick. IT HOPELESS. A few months ago, when the police had come to my house for the 30 times, the officer asked me what was wrong with my brother. I could write pages and pages about the living hell I was in while he lived here. These people dont need a reason to do anything. They dont care nor do they have any feelings. They are not capable of any emotions.