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Okay, there is a real problem here in Victoria.  How is the Police Chief and the City Attorney indicted on charges.  Then you wonder why we have problems in our legal system, there is too much tampering and lying under the law of oath. But now your upset because you voted in Tyler for DA, well that's your problem now, nothing wrong with a man stepping on toes, goes to show he's more of a man then you realized.  Well, now your wishing you voted for Henderson. As for the Mayor, why is it you never hear about what he is doing for Victoria until a friend /peer is indicted on a charge, now he wants to be heard.  A friend of mine would always say" Oh Give Me A Break".  I too like houston49 said saw a child of mine being railroaded for an incident.  I watched a police detective as well as a police officer lie under oath and fumble over there words.  I never thought i would say a court appointed attorney did a good job.  But i never thought i see Victoria in the mess there in now.  Here's a suggestion, if you don't want your DA Tyler then go through and  clean house including the Sheriff dept.  Mayor Armstrong wants to yell political, everything we do is based on a political decisions. Federal Bureau of Investigations needs to step in this is out of control already.  Way to get on the Map.