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After dealing with a few IMO " liberals" here on this blog site I have come to realize that they believe that their liberal, progressive, socialist views are right and all other views are wrong, stupid, right wing nut job ideas that have no valid place in their Kool-Aide colored world.

Any talk of social welfare reform, health care reform, entitlement reform or other badly needed reforms are met with cries of why are you always against the poor or it's a political ploy to get elected, or You just want to return to the way it was or you are just spouting beckian ideas. Anyone that attacks the stupidity of these social give a way programs or the lack of real results these programs produce are personally attacked and labeled any number of things.

When those on welfare sit home and get 20-30,000 a year in cash payments, free health care, food stamps and other credits and rebates make more than retiree's do on social security after working a life time. More than the worker making minimum wage. More than a lot of people with jobs do. There is something wrong with the system.

For the massive amount of money thrown at this problem, we the taxpayer are getting nothing in return for our money. Not many people ever make it off the rolls even though the system claims it helps the poor. where are all the promised paths to success the system claims to provide. The better education, job training and the clean safe atmosphere needed to promote economic growth and private sector investment returning businesses and jobs needed to revive depressed communities and neighborhoods.

Yet with the system in complete failure any talk of reform brings vicious attacks on those wanting a meaningful change for the better in the system. Conservatives and republicans are for returning to the original intention of these programs as short term help to get back on your feet through job retraining, better education /college degree, and instruction in the trades and other type jobs for unskilled workers providing a means to get a better job. Along with these things affordable low cost homes to buy to promote community and a sense of pride through ownership the current system fails to attain.

We on the right have no problem with assistance programs if they truly did any good not just provide a hand out with no helping hand up out of poverty. The never ending , ever-growing cycle of welfare dependency is nothing but a new slavery. Slavery to those who write the checks (liberal,progressive democrats) and who always promise more is coming to get elected.

It's time to stop all the feel good look good do nothing spending on projects that are showy but accomplish no real gains or result in anyone getting real improvement in the quality of life. New schools, clean safe atmosphere for businesses and residential neighborhoods to raise families in, and incentives for bringing in new jobs to these areas. With more police and treatment programs to rid these areas of the gang and drug problems rampant in these areas today would be a good start.

Health care needs to be affordable for all and payed for by all equally based on means and need not free for some and expensive for the rest. Costs need to be reduced through reform of the tort system and its excessive awards, elimination of waste and fraud, simplification of the paperwork involved and the major reform of the health insurance industry to ensure everyone can get affordable unrestricted insurance or have the ability to join health care plans provided by the health care providers themselves. Along with these a way to bring medication costs back down to reality and affordability.

Then there is the real problem that needs addressing. That of an over-bloated, self devouring, wasteful system of big government we now have. huge sums of money are spent just to feed the beast. With new programs and oversight agencies invented,daily it seems,by those wanting more government control over all aspects of our daily lives. When the real answer is a vastly smaller federal government and a return to the states the control over and passed on down to the most local level of government possible of the things like education, health care and how, where and when money is spent instead of the pile of unfunded mandates required by the obese federal government.

I'm quite sure that those I mentioned in the beginning will have a stroke while reading this and will rush to defend that all knowing all seeing always correct liberal ideology that I am claiming to be the ruin of this great country we live in so stand back and watch the fur fly it will get ugly.