Blogs » What Victoria Needs » "NO REFUSAL" Is Drunken Driving a Problem in Victoria?


The Labor Day holiday is fast approaching and counties throughout Texas are conducting a “NO REFUSAL” weekend,

In other words if you are pulled over for suspicion of Drunk Driving and you refuse to walk the line or take a breath test a warrant will be immediately issued, and a blood sample will be taken, by force if necessary. 

A Task Force of all our local Law Enforcement….Sheriff,Police,TABC,Department of Public Safety,Game Warden,Constables,Judges, the District Attorney and his Attorneys and investigators would have to work together as one, can it be done you ask? 

Why don’t you check with Fort Bend, Bexar, Colorado, Denton, Harris, Guadalupe Counties, they are doing it to stop alcohol related fatalities and accidents, it’s been done. 

Proactive Law Enforcement that protects ordinary citizens. Will this happen in Victoria?  It will if we want it….

Contact your City and County Leaders and tell them you want a