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Healthcare is fine. Health Insurance is another ball game. Call it what it is. We have some of the best Healthcare professionals in the world. As far as a predetermined condition is concerned. I agree with denying an employee insurance if there is a precondition. That stops the person who has a bad back from working 3 months, having back surgery and then quiting. Costing the insurance and the company time and money. There are other ways to get insurance. Employee insurance (in my husband and I's experience) has been higher than buying a personal plan. My husband and I buy our insurance ourselves and even pay a small amount to cover us with AFLAC. I love AFLAC. My husband hurt his knee on the job and was out of work for almost a month. AFLAC paid us almost all of his wages AND paid all of our bills. We were not put out at all. I guess my thinking is, why depend on someone else to take care of you. If you don't agree then use another option, like AFLAC or RESEARCH and buy your own. You have choices, you will not suffer as bad if you study and prepare.

Life expectancy is lower in America than many other nations. Again, I wish people would research before posting. MANY factors contribute. America has more obesity,violence and poverty than Japan or Canada. So that is not a fair comparison. Healthcare and health insurance is not the only factor.

Here are my ideas for healthcare insurance-Take care of it yourself. Work and pay for it instead of asking it to be handed to you. Put a limit on how many years or months a person can receive medicaid. Make them fight their way to a better life by scaring them into making themselves better. Make sure they are interviewed and watched to see if they are making a honest effort to provide a better life for themselves and their families. Perform random drug tests on every family member who is receiving aide and immediately revoke the insurance if they fail. If you do not force people to make things better for themselves they will forever mooch off of honest citizens tax money. If a hospital has to treat an illegal then bill Mexico. Maybe then they (Mexico) will take a look at the problem more closely and help prevent illegals coming into America. (Because they don't want to pay the bill!)