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Ok again I have to knit pick. Be professional and check your resources BEFORE you air a story. Once again, I will straighten a few things up. Concerning the BrazosWOOD High School Band Hazing story on tonights 6 o'clock news. "Brazosport" is not a town. Brazosport isd is a number of schools in one area that includes three towns. BrazosPORT High School is in FREEPORT Texas. BrazosWOOD High School is in LAKE JACKSON Texas. Report using the right names of the schools and locations so one does not think something bad about the wrong school. You are suppose to be professionals. Do your job. As far as the actual story goes. Keep your head up Mr. Cook, this will pass. The freshman is just being whiny. I know there have been some real abuses in hazing in other areas. This is a right of passage and it has a lot to do with school spirit. As far as the teachers being in their office not watching the kids....How many of us had teachers leave the room? At least these teachers were within a few steps of the students instead of down the hall or in another building. My main point is quit throwing together pieces and not knowing your facts. Brazoswood and Brazosport High schools are very advanced and have some VERY good teachers. Brazoswood Band is extremely decorated, idolized and followed by many. Keep truckin Buccaneers!