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There have been several comments made by a few people with your A - typical religon talk and preaching. Even though I get a kick out of their distorted look on religon, it hasn't effected me until now. I have a friend who is VERY religous. That being said as long as we didn't talk politics or religon we have been really good friends for a long time. The first thing I could not wrap my brain around was she spent so much money and took so many loans to go to a college that wasn't accredited for a degree she cannot use (because the college she picked was little less than a cult.) She met her husband there who was also going to school for a worthless degree. Fast forward- they marry and she gets pregnant. Her husband takes a part time job as a gardner at the "college" they attended for minimum wage. She wants to be a stay at home mom (which is fine, I am one) yet they do not make enough to have children. So she sends out a prayer. She says God answered her prayer by giving them goverment housing and WIC as well as food stamps. Now my first thought was, no taxpayers did that. Second, when I asked her if her husband was looking for a full time job or at least another part time to take care of his family, she replied his part time job at the college is the only Godly job he could find. I'm sorry, but am I wrong here? Why are you using religon to replace laziness? The same president you call a demon and the same government you fight at every turn are the ones "blessing" you now. How blurred can you be? This same couple walked out of a hospital during labor because they wanted to do a c-section because the ultra sound showed the ambilical cord wrapped around the childs neck. Saving the babies life, which GOD gave you, is more important than your distorted beliefs. Thankfully the baby is fine. Closer- she is pregnant again. Thoughts? Am I the only Christian that finds this soooo wrong?