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Yes, please hold your applause and smiles. I am leaving Victoria this summer. Before I go I wanted to leave one last blog to get some things off my mind. However, in a little change of pace for me, I will start with the good. :)

The good? Well, yes for all my complaining there is some good in this area. Not with the businesses or city, but the people. Not the "people", but the little man, the working stiff, the ordinary. I have had the privilege to meet some wonderful people here. Hidden in the shadows just trying to do what is right and not ruffle any feathers. They are good whole hearted people and I will miss them. I will also miss Mumford's, the best BBQ I have had in the entire state of Texas. (No lie.) I will miss the Advocate. Yes I said it, or typed it rather. Not for the mean hateful remarks on here, but for the intelligent and legit banter that takes place from time to time. I will miss being fired up because I feel my freedom of speech is being squashed, but then again I come back. I think that was the Advocates intention all along, you sneaky little devils you. I will miss my close friends and of course the wonderful people at my church and daughters school. For all of the above mentioned...I shed a tear for you.

I thought about writing all the negative things I feel in this area and decided against it. Instead I am going to tell you why I chose to move. Maybe just maybe someone in the city or the paper or someone of importance will read it and realize that they are pushing the hard working, loving working class out. Maybe that is what some people want, who knows.

We are leaving for simple facts. My husband transferred and was offered almost double what he makes here. I do not want to raise my child in a "questionable" neighborhood and here that is all we can afford. Where we are moving to we can afford the same house as people who pay 200 g's for here. (We are only paying about half or less for the same style and size of house.) More to do, shopping, better/more choices for private schools for my daughter. My husband and I can't finish our degrees here because UHV doesn't offer the degree plans we need, so more school options for us. Honestly, I have been happier and more calm knowing I will eventually leave. Harsh very harsh for me to say, but it is how I feel. Knowing I will not have to deal with the drama, the politics and greed is a huge weight off my shoulders. I know that exist everywhere, but in a bigger city I can choose to not be a part of it, instead of having it thrusted into every aspect of my life here.

VBB, Writein (yes even you), Pilot, and others I have met, debated and become friends with on here. I wish you all the best, all the love and happiness you deserve, but most of all be well my friends.