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So I decided to blog about our upcoming move to the Houston area.................

We recently just spent 4 days in a lovely hotel and toured private schools, job interviews and began looking for a house to buy. It was amazing. I knew I had missed the big city, but I didn't know how much. I will have to brag, the area we are moving to is beautiful and has wonderful people.

Brain overload number one. Holy crap there are a lot of places to chose to eat. Again, once upon a time I knew this well while living in Florida, but I guess 7 years of very few choices took something from that part of my brain. We drove for about an hour and still couldn't decide. I wanted to try everything and show my daughter several restaurants I adored. I ended up with a headache. We had lovely meals and found hidden gems everywhere.

Brain overload number two. Customer service is alive and well my friends. I know it is a long forgotten practice here (with the exception of Mumphord's, and a few other places in Victoria) but it was wonderful to be greeted with smiles, hello's, and how can I help yous. The staff at the hotel was beyond great, the employees at the nearest mall were happy to have a job and did it well. Every place we went to visit, eat or explore we were greeted with the best people. The private school we chose for my daughter is just as wonderful as the one here, so that was a blessing. People actually call you back for job interviews and are kind and courteous to your schedule. Our realtor was amazing. Let me say it again AMAZING! Not only is she brutally honest in our house search (which I love) she was a genuine person. My daughter was feeling ill and she offered to bring her medicine and offered to get us in to a walk in clinic AFTER HOURS! She would give us pointers on where to go for lunch, she would give us any information we asked for and she never ever pushed any home on us.

Brain overload number three. We had no stress, worries and everything went so well.

Am I so glad we are getting a new chance for our family. I was almost afraid that I might be disappointed, but I wasn't at all. I am so so very excited.